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Wife sex videos for free gay hotel. Plenty of gay men have girlfriends, wives, and kids. Thank YOU! You walk away as fast as possible. I have a hard time even buying the straight porn part.

I mean like, the moment your eyes turn away and look at what your going to have to fuck, should that not ruin your boner—for a straight guy that is…. Bi at the very least but straight. Let it die. In most of your comment you make it sound like it is really difficult for a str8 man to have sex with a guy for money. Because they are physically able to do it. They do it because of societal pressures. They are still gay but engaging in physical sex with someone they are not really sexually attracted to. Anything else ruins his fantasy.

Your analogy is a fail. Just as some gay guys can have physical sex with women as a result of societal pressure, some straight guys can have physical sex with guys for money. Andrew, give it up. No fucking comparison!!!!!!! So stop showing homosexual stupidity…. Im not suggesting that these guys are gay but there is more to it than just making a quick buck. Well Sean Cody is still there bcoz of you first world self hating gay men. Shame on you all g4p fans only.

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  8. You do not need to come out to California, have free hotel lodging, and be handed a check to practice your fantasies. Companies like Sean Cody do help further the notion of religious groups that we homos choose to be homos.

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    I do not think I—nor any of the commentators here—chose this particular Life path. Be gay for pay all you want, Brodie although I recommend a bit more gym time—you are starting to get a little bit of Dad Bod …. The thing about having a paycheck, however, is it DOES give them more license to act out fantasies. In truth, the payment frees them up to play around and not have to have it bleed into the world they wish to have at home.

    I do understand what you are saying…and to a certain degree, it makes sense.

    I am totally fine with straight men shooting gay porn…. I only ask that they not attempt to justify or rationalize what is a business decision, because their rationalizations frequently sound a little condescending and that the things we homos do naturally is somehow something bad. Strange individual that participates in this to me..

    That they like sex with men. I also want them to have some understanding or sense of the community and our history. Since when do you have to be a porn model to act out your fantasies? After he bottomed I lost interest in him. He was my fave then before Brandon. But I admit he still a charmer, my white guy fantasy.