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One day I was approached through that account and asked if would be interested in doing some modeling, and maybe trying out a solo casting.

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I was ready for something fun and adventurous and that was exactly the kind of thing that the adult industry could provide me with. I've enjoyed every moment since and it's only getting better. Your favorite video shoot so far? Sometimes things flow so well that you quickly forget you're in front of any cameras and you just do what feels right to you.

Do you get much fan mail? I like to respond personally, because I really do appreciate each person who takes time out of their day to message me. Are you single right now? Yes, I'm single. I've chosen to focus on my dreams and to live life to the fullest. Something about you that most people don't know?

7 Questions: Quentin Gainz – Manhunt Daily

I love reading books on personal growth, business, and languages. I just want to have my foot in almost every field. I'm a man of all trades. What would you like your life to be like five years from now? I would like to make a huge impact on every individual with whom I come into contact, from helping them find what they love to do, to stepping out of their comfort zone and enjoying everything this life has to offer.

I'd like to be a great leader and to never stop learning. Are there any downsides to working in adult entertainment? Some might that all of the critics and negative people are a downside, but I believe if you do anything interesting in life you will always have those. Working in adult entertaniment has allowed me to travel to some amazing places, meet amazing people, and follow my dreams.

Your most unusual sex spot? Nowadays there aren't any unusual locations [laughs] but if I was to pick one I'd say that it happened in a church setting. But it was still a blast. Are you interested in any kind of non-adult performance? I am very interested in acting, modeling, dancing — you name it. As long as I feel that I can do a good job at something, I'd love to try it. What are your hobbies right now? My favorite hobbies include cars, working out, reading, and sports such as softball.

Are you a gamer?

7 Questions: Quentin Gainz

I used to be a big gamer, and I still play every once in a while. I'm loyal to the Xbox consoles. My favorite games would have to be Halo and the older Call Of Duty games. Do you have any pets? I have an awesome male dog Named Buster. He's an English Bulldog Mix.

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I had always had family dogs, but never one of my own, and it was time. Which mainstream celebrities do you find attractive? Do you watch much TV?

I don't watch much TV. I feel that if I have time to be watching TV, I could be studying something. What kind of music do your prefer?

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I listen to just about anything and everything. It just depends on my mood at that moment. Are you much of a reader? I've recently became a book lover. At the moment I'm reading The 21 Laws of Leadership. It's a great book so far. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, what would the title and genre be? It would be a documentary. Where did you grow up? A couple asked for a picture, but never my autograph. I wish more would feel they could come up and say hi. I love talking to people that enjoy what I do.

Hot AND approachable. Mind your manners, though, people.

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Favorite scene partner? My favorite scene would have to have been with Princeton Price [Ed. We both know how to push the envelope.

I feel like you might have the most perfect body in porn. I love everything about myself. I feel everyone should. But I am always striving to get better every day. I do wish I had a bigger chest, though. How do you get through those? Something my fans would be surprised to know about me is I still get nervous before every scene.

Even 2 years of doing this, I still get butterflies. How DO you keep that body? Advice for guys who want to look like you? Is it witchcraft? LOL I do workout every day, twice a day sometimes, and eat very clean. I think the secret though is to never be satisfied, always want more out of yourself. I officially hate him now. Sex after being in porn has only gotten better.

I have so much more of an appreciation for romantic nights. I love taking my time instead of jumping in there to get off as quickly as possible.

Are you single or in a relationship right now? If so, can you describe the person?